Landscape Lighting Zone Controller
Landscape Lighting Zone Controller
Landscape Lighting Zone Controller - Single Zone Wiring Diagram


  • 3 Zones of lighting control
  • Works with brand name home automation controllers
  • Works with majority of irrigation controllers
  • Can interface with driveway sensors & motion detectors
  • Uses existing apps for controlling landscape lights
  • Independent dimming controls for each zone
  • Independent mode controls for each zone
  • Short-circuit, overload, & transient protection
  • Intelligent soft-start
  • IP67 (dustproof, water resistant, potted electronics)

Technical Specs

  • Current Capacity:  10A/Zone (30A TOTAL)
  • 12VAC operation
  • Max load = 120W/Zone (360W TOTAL)
  • No minimum load required
  • Frequency (50Hz – 60Hz)
  • Optically isolated control interface
  • Control interface operating voltage (5V to 30V AC/DC)

Lamp Selection

Based on in-house testing, EmeryAllen lamps have proven to have the best power factor and dimming performance.