Detects And Warns Of Sump Pump Failures!

A simple float switch designed to monitor the water level in a sump pump well. Connect to a warning device or alarm system and you have a low cost sump pump alarm. Easily configured as a normally open or normally closed switch. Can be connected to relays and other devices to drive high current loads. Hose clamp allows easy level adjustment.


  • Switch is U.L. listed.
  • 1 Amp Max at 24 VDC.
  • Recommended < 250ma.
  • 24 inch lead wires (20 AWG)
  • Operating temperature not to exceed 90 deg. Celsius.

Sump Bobber By Letzgo Products
The "Sump Bobber"


  • Low cost.
  • Simple construction.
  • High reliability design.
  • Made of non-corroding plastic materials.
  • Stainless steel hose clamp for easy mounting.
  • Sealed reed switch provides high isolation when pump wiring breaks down.
  • Will operate totally submerged.
  • Unique reversible float allows for N.O. or N.C. switch circuit.
  • Fits virtually all sizes and types of return pipes.


  • Mount float slightly above point where the water level activates the sump pump.
  • Connect electrical leads to the applicable circuit.
  • Use of a water-tight splice is recommended.
  • Test to insure proper operation.
  • To change circuit from N.C. to N.O., remove “C” clip, reverse float, reinstall “C” clip.
  • When connecting to an inductive load an arc suppression device should be put in parallel with the load to avoid damaging the switch.